Daily Insights

Restaurant Marketing Reconstructed

By: Mackenzie Baker | Feb 10, 2020

Golden Corral, a buffet-grill chain known for its variety of food options has cooked up a new campaign based on the classic adage “You are what you eat”, meant to focus on the brand’s individuality. “The Only One For Everyone” campaign highlights the food diversity available at Golden Corral, meaning those with all different tastes can still dine in harmony together at the restaurant. Featured through 15-second video advertisements, the new campaigns reveal several different people on screen with their favorite foods—which they happen to resemble. 

Golden Corral’s campaign marks a considerable change of focus for the brand, which originally switched ad agencies after finding its former ads were not resonating with customers and hurting sales. In fact, Golden Corral was ranked as a Challenged brand in Gartner’s Digital IQ Index: Restaurants after failing to stand out amongst other fast-casual restaurants. In spite of these setbacks, “The Only One For Everyone” campaign is Golden Corral’s launch of a more creative, brand-defining approach. The company hopes viewers see its focus is on the people, and not just the food—thereby promoting a full dining experience, and not just a meal. The video advertisements are running on TV as well as YouTube and social media—expanding the brand’s reach. 

Golden Corral is celebrating its assortment of flavors and inviting patrons to do the same. The traditional advertising overhaul gives a fresh look to the brand and may inspire other restaurants to update their own brand messaging as well.