Daily Insights

Retail for a New Age

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 29, 2020

Old Navy has partnered with media brand Popsugar to create a new clothing collection aimed exclusively at 10-13 year old consumers. The PS x ON collection is part of the retail brand’s new back-to-school shopping push and includes 25 different pieces ranging in price from $10-$40. 

The brand collaboration features tween influencers, including gymnast Alizé Lee and young designer Kheris Rogers, who were recruited to help design, model, and promote the collection on social media. Old Navy is focusing on Instagram for its social marketing push, which makes sense as its Instagram stories and themed highlights continually receive high rates of interaction, according to a Gartner report. For its new PS x ON promotion, the retail brand is using Instagram to feature its new tween ambassadors and touch on the challenges of attending school from home. The theme of the limited-edition collection is clothing that’s comfortable to wear whether at school or learning from home, which could help Old Navy stay relevant with tweens during the uncertainty of the upcoming school year. The PS x ON collection is available on Old Navy’s website and will roll out in stores starting in August. 

By targeting the under-served tween demographic, Old Navy could build loyalty with the young consumers by giving them more choices for age and style appropriate clothing. As the collection features many comfort-centric products, such as athleisure and sweatpants, it could also interest young students looking for flexibility in their wardrobes as they remain unsure about returning to school or staying home. Gen-Z consumers also tend to lean towards brands that support social justice causes, which could help Old Navy, as many of its new collection pieces promote mental health awareness and optimism with phrases such as “Make The World a Better Place”. Popsugar and Old Navy also added a charitable element to their new collection by donating $25,000 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, further appealing to their young, socially aware audience.  

Old Navy is working to connect with young tween shoppers, and by partnering with PopSugar—which caters to a large audience of tween’s parents—the collaborative collection could set the stage for bringing more retail recognition to an up-and-coming consumer generation.