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Retail Revamp

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 24, 2019

With the help of Facebook and Instagram, Kohl’s is curating a new and improved beauty segment. 

The American department store made a name for itself selling everything from homeware and clothing to jewelry and beauty. While competitors Target and Walmart have been working with influencers and popular online brands for some time, Kohl’s is just now jumping in on this digital endeavor. The retail chain is focused on updating its beauty offerings, enlisting the help of Facebook and Instagram to find new and exclusive brands to partner with for upcoming collections. Online, the store has special promotions and advertising campaigns to roll out, while in-store, Kohl’s is expanding its beauty sections and updating its beauty checkout. Kohl’s is hoping to differentiate itself from competitors as more multi-category retailers look to stay ahead by selling private-label brands according to a Gartner L2 report

Kohl’s initiative to enhance its beauty selections is all part of a bigger plan to revitalize its image. After a few years of stagnant sales, Kohl’s is taking steps to freshen up its departments. The brand is focusing on female consumers, who currently make up 70% of its customer base, by introducing new fashion and athletic apparel, in addition to the revamped beauty checkout. Kohl’s now sells Under Armour apparel and has a partnership with Amazon that allows the stores to accept Amazon returns as well. All of these new initiatives will be promoted online and across social media, as well as in most of its 1,150 brick and mortar stores. 

Kohl’s is taking resourceful steps to stay relevant and modern, reinventing itself through new digital campaigns and strategies. This regeneration could signal a new era for department stores.