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Return of the McRib

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 30, 2019

Good news for devoted fans of the McDonald’s McRib. The fast-food chain announced the McRib is making a comeback, complete with a new website for customers to interact with. 

The famous barbecue sandwich originally debuted in 1981 and has had a cult following ever since. With the rise of technology, dedicated fans have fervently campaigned online for the return of the McRib. Although brand sites have seen a decline in views recently, according to a Gartner L2 report on the topic, McDonald’s believes fans will click on mcdfinder.com in a bid to see which of the 14,000 locations offering the sandwich is closest to them. 

McDonald’s is taking the re-release of the McRib a step further on social media by announcing its Instagram campaign, #McRibszn, where fans can find sixteen McRib-themed GIF stickers to include on Instagram stories and posts. 

The McRib is already available in many stores nationwide, and with so many fans highly anticipating the return of the McRib, it might be best to head towards the closest McDonald’s before they sell out.