Daily Insights

Sample-Sized Streaming

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 12, 2021

Former Disney and Discovery executives team up to launch a Classpass-esque subscription service that lets consumers test out different streaming platforms. Struum takes aim at the over-saturated streaming industry by bringing different titles from different platforms to consumers. 

While HBO Max, Netflix, and Disney+ are some of the big players in the streaming industry, there are still more than 250 smaller, niche services offering content that could interest consumers. With Struum, video consumers can enjoy numerous types of content without having to pay for additional streaming services. Rather, the up-and-coming service will stock its content library with various titles from other brands, which consumers can view only by  paying for Struum. A monthly subscription to Struum will provide users with a set number of credits that can be used to sample and consume content. The credit model is popular on ClassPass and across the fitness industry, but will be one of the first times it’s been used for streaming.  

Struum accesses several other platforms to make up its own library and will include subscription links to each partner on its app. If data shows a user frequents content from a particular service, Struum will suggest they subscribe directly to it via these links. Doing so could help Struum maintain dependable partner relationships with smaller streaming services as well as boost smaller streaming service’s user rates. The content providers could also benefit from not having to market their own standalone service, but rather could gain new audiences via Struum according to a Gartner report. With the Coronavirus pandemic accelerating demand for streaming services and a steady carousel of unique content, Struum’s arrival on the scene could accelerate its business and prime it for additional content partnerships. The brand plans to launch its service in spring of 2021 online and through mobile devices in the U.S., with additional, ambitious plans to launch internationally soon thereafter.

Struum’s unique subscription model could further change consumer viewing habits and help eliminate competition amongst smaller services. As consumer demand for streamable entertainment sustains into the new year, Struum’s service could set the stage for a new era of sample streaming.