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Say ‘I Do’ to Digital

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 16, 2019

David’s Bridal, the well-known clothier that filed for bankruptcy in 2018, is re-emerging. The reappearance is due in part to a digital transformation the company hopes will make its sales and appointments more reliable. 

With a focus on customization, David’s Bridal is looking to give a more personal experience to brides and bridal parties that shop in store or online. Before appointments, guests can now go online and complete a questionnaire detailing everything they are looking for in a dress, so that their appointments are more specific and focus exactly on the bride’s vision. The company has also changed its return policy to be more accommodating to those that buy dresses online or in-store. These changes to the core businesses are in addition to David’s Bridal’s new efforts to increase its social media presence. Many customers share their frustrations with a company on social media, so David’s Bridal re-inventing its channels could help it be more in tune with customers. As well, a Gartner L2 report found that 72% of millennial shoppers are more loyal to a brand that responds to feedback on social media than a brand that does not. David’s Bridal investing more in social media could in turn help improve relations with customers disconcerted from the bankruptcy.

In addition to a revamped online presence, David’s Bridal will continue to use its brick and mortar stores as an asset in the new digital-centric business plan. These brick and mortars represent the large debt the company is still in and will have to pair well with the digital focus if the company hopes to retain a profit from dress sales. 

David’s Bridal had defined the bridal industry for over sixty years but is just now ready to begin leaving it’s digital footprint. With growing competition in the easy-to-access bridal dress market, the company will have to put all its effort into attracting and retaining customers. 

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