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Seal the Deal With Video

By: Karen Lee | Aug 14, 2019

Although adoption of homepage site videos has slipped, best-in-class brands continue to deploy them to an additional path to purchase. Among brands with homepage videos, the majority are overlooking this commerce opportunity: 32% of brands tracked in Gartner L2’s report on the topic embed YouTube videos, linking directly to the video platform and away from the brand site, while 25% don’t link to anything at all. However, 11% link directly to a PDP and 21% do so to a grid page, pushing visitors further down the funnel.

Nordstrom, for example, ensures a clear path to purchase by linking to commerce from the homepage. For Father’s Day, the retailer showcased deals on its homepage, which linked to a Father’s Day grid page infused with video assets that introduced different outfits. These videos send users to custom product pages based on each outfit. Within two clicks, Nordstrom guides the user to complete a purchase, while providing the user with informational video content.

In order to optimize video placements on a brand site’s homepage, it is important to link them to other pages further down the consumer journey.

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