Daily Insights

Search for a Song

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 21, 2020

Spotify created a solution for users constantly trying to find songs based off of one lyric. The streaming service will now allow users to search for songs using lyrics, rather than a song title or artist name. 

The lyric searching feature on Spotify could help listeners find songs they may have heard elsewhere or cannot remember the name of. By simply typing in multiple lyrics or one line from a song, Spotify will provide songs that match, alleviating an annoyance that has long plagued users. While lyric searching is new to Spotify users, it’s actually a feature that has been available on Apple Music since 2018 as well as on Shazam, an app dedicated to finding artists and the names of songs through lyrics. By rolling out its own search adaptation, Spotify could surpass Shazam and level itself against Apple Music, its top streaming competitor. Spotify can now leverage the feature among its plethora of new rollouts this year to further boost its image as a streaming service leader and potentially convert Apple Music listeners to its own platform.

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, Spotify already boasted double the premium subscribers of Apple Music. While the pandemic did cause a slight disruption in its numbers early on, Spotify has since regained its listenership and actually expanded its audience. By adding lyric searching to its list of new features this year, Spotify could enhance the user experience and extend time spent on the app, according to a Gartner report. Lyric searching joins new features such as  group listening, musical postcards, and video podcasts—all initiatives Spotify has rolled out in the past few months to appeal to homebound consumers. With many concert venues closed and artist’s tours on hold, Spotify’s lyric searching tool provides an original way to find songs to stream and keep users entertained. 

Spotify makes it easier for users to listen to their favorite song—even if they don’t know its name. With the new search feature, Spotify can become the go-to destination for finding music and lyrics.