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Searching for Traffic

By: Cymone Thomas | Nov 13, 2019

Food brands’ reliance on retailers for commerce transcends digital shop fronts and processing payments to also include off-platform activities like building brand awareness through social media and digital marketing. While some brands in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Food Germany have built their own capabilities in these areas, none can effectively match retailers’ scale and reach. Unlike in the U.K., Germany lacks a vast range of digitally savvy retailers to choose from. In response to this dearth, food brands in Germany are twice as likely to develop their own direct-to-consumer commerce capabilities on site.

Building and maintaining a brand site is often a carefully considered decision and must form part of a brand’s wider digital strategy, particularly when retailer site visits outpace brands by over 300 times. It is, therefore, surprising that few brands with websites leverage Google nonbranded search – a key tool for driving traffic to site.

mymuesli uses quickbuy to enable shoppers to select the product size in a pop-up window (1), promotes cross-selling on product pages (2) and in the cart (3), and highlights promotions (4).

Within the cereal category, long-tail brand mymuesli wins on both desktop and mobile Google search. The brand optimizes for both high- and low-volume keywords (e.g., “oatmeal calories” and “cereal ingredients”) and creates content that educates shoppers about the search term. Consequently, mymuesli attains 40% visibility on organic nonbranded—five times higher than Kellogg’s, its closest competitor.

mymuesli also invests in text and shopping ads to further increase its site visits from Google. Once on site, customers are presented with a best-in-class e-commerce experience complete with Quickbuy on category pages and cross-selling on product pages and during checkout. The investment pays off as its e-commerce pages attract four times the number of views than the Index average, giving further impetus for brands to elevate their digital marketing strategy and provide a seamless connection to their site for commerce.

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