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See How Your Video Strategy Stacks Up

By: Karen Lee | Jul 29, 2019

Digital video continually poses challenges for brands as viewer expectations and content dynamics vary drastically across platforms and devices. Given that over three-quarters of analyzed brands use video to add color to their on-site digital presence, brands must learn how to differentiate themselves from the pack. To maximize reach and engagement, winning brands strategically distribute spend, coordinate content deployment and invest in innovative features.

Gartner L2 benchmarked brand video strategies based on social platforms and display advertising presence (Awareness) versus their on-site video features (Information) in a new report. These two dimensions placed brands within one of four distinct quadrants: Leaders, Awareness-Oriented, Information-Oriented and Laggards. 

The Awareness axis is based on brand performance on social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and display advertising presence. The Information axis encompasses integration of video-related features on their brand sites. 

Leaders (13%) seamlessly incorporate videos, not only on their brand sites, but also on their platforms and display ads. These brands are adept at scaling content across platforms and packing their brand sites with relevant video assets. This category includes long-standing leaders such as Adidas and The Home Depot. 

Awareness-Oriented (20%) brands focus on creating content to disperse on their social outlets. They optimize their videos for different formats, either by aspect ratio or closed captioning. Brands in this category—concentrated mainly in the Luxury and Restaurants sectors—leverage their prolific video content to grow their social presences.

To read about the remaining categories and see how your specific brand scored, view the interactive here.

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