Daily Insights

Seeing Double

By: Ben Romero | Aug 08, 2019

Dupes aren’t limited to the beauty industry anymore. Consumers actively search for cheaper alternatives to popular activewear products. With Lululemon’s leggings priced over $100, it’s no surprise that one of the top rising queries related to Lululemon is “best lululemon dupes.” A dupe is a product that mimics the style and quality of its counterpart but is sold at a fraction of the price. 

Indie brand Colorfulkoala has taken advantage of this search intent by partnering with YouTube influencers on unboxing or product review videos. In Gartner L2’s Activewear Us: Amazon Update insight report, L2 observed, These videos even dominate search results on nonbranded search terms, like “leggings” and “activewear haul.” according to Gartner L2’s report on the topic. The videos provide side-by-side comparisons of traditional and Colorfulkoala products highlighting the size and fit, product features and overall quality. 

The strategy has paid off: Colorfulkoala owns two of the top ten rising search queries related “leggings” on YouTube. Some videos even explicitly name the comparison brand in the title. As they amass thousands of views, they crowd out search results on brand master terms, such as “lululemon leggings” and “nike leggings.” 

Traditional brands must invest in defending brand terms on YouTube and also evolve video content like haul and review videos to compete directly with indies and align with organic trends.