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Sesame Street’s Soothing Series

By: Mackenzie Baker | Apr 23, 2020

Headspace, the popular meditation app for adults, is getting a kid-friendly spin with some help from Sesame Street. The brands are teaming up to create weekly “Monster Meditations” to teach kids about mindfulness, meditation, and social skills. 

The series will run exclusively on YouTube and YouTube Kids, which makes sense as it’s the platform that performs best with plot-driven videos, according to a Gartner report. Each three-minute video features animated versions of beloved Sesame Street characters, including Cookie Monster and Elmo. The characters will experience feelings such as frustration, nervousness, excitement, and impatience with Headspace founder Andy Puddicombe then showing the characters and viewers how to manage these feelings through breathing exercises. 

In addition to providing some welcome relief for parents trying to keep kids occupied during social distancing, the series could also set the groundwork for children to learn about mindfulness and meditation. Headspace has seen a surge in usage since the pandemic, with 77% of adults reporting having disruptive sleep during the Coronavirus crisis. That said, this is the brand’s first foray into children’s meditation. Still, because the effects of their partaking in the popular practice could prove doubly beneficial for both parents and children, the initiative could see success in the long-term. 

It’s important for brands like Sesame Street and Headspace to engage their audiences with compassionate messaging during this time, particularly as stress and anxiety levels in children and adults continue to rise.