Daily Insights

Set Your Sites on Seasonal Shopping

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 11, 2020

As part of a holiday sales push, Saks Fifth Avenue’s new website design could make it easier for consumers to purchase gifts and find personalized items while in-store shopping remains precarious. 

Saks Fifth Avenue’s e-commerce reconstruction focuses on consumer demand for ease and personalization. With more consumers shopping online this year than ever before, improved website accessibility could drive more shoppers to the brand’s site. As part of the revamp, users can now filter for more fulfillment options, including viewing items available for pre-order, same-day delivery, or in-store pickup. Saks also split its main website into two segmented homepages, one for men and one for women, which it hopes could appeal to its growing male consumer base. Additionally, Saks added new fashion features to the site, including a more prominently placed “New Arrivals” section and a “Designer Spotlight” feature where users can view shoppable editorial content from designers and influencers. Working with certain labels and content creators could help the retailer further appeal to tech savvy, fashion-forward customers. 

While Saks’ website redesign could interest a general audience, it also included specific features for members that create a more pleasant, personal shopping experience. Those that log into an account on the retailer’s website will see curated content and product recommendations on their homepage, which could stimulate shopping sooner and potentially lead to higher revenue streams. Adding member-specific features could inspire more shoppers to join Saks’ program, which might lead to increased loyalty and engagement opportunities. Increasing its personalized, shoppable content could also help Saks sustain sales during the Coronavirus pandemic, as many of its brick and mortar stores faced closures earlier in the year. The fashion industry as a whole faced a slowdown this year, according to a Gartner report, but with consumer markets like China already beginning to rebound, Saks’ website could be the ticket to making up for lost sales. With digital-first retailers like Amazon also dipping a toe into the luxury pool, Saks’ updated e-commerce platform could help it stand out and retain loyal consumers. 

Saks Fifth Avenue’s redesigned digital platform launches just in time for the holiday shopping season, which could drive up site traffic and sales. With its curated content and personalized offerings, Saks could become the go-to website for luxury retail, helping both sectors recover from a turbulent year.