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Shifting Digital Gears

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 05, 2019

Audi spent eight months working with Twitter to promote its new electronic vehicle, the e-tron SUV. 

Twitter has traditionally been the social media platform people turn to for news or customer service, but lately the company has been concentrating on brand partnerships to help launch products. In addition to a successful jewelry promotion with Pandora earlier this year, Twitter has been working with Audi in anticipation of the e-tron SUV release. Audi is following in the footsteps of one of its main auto competitors, Tesla—who in 2018 had the most engagement on Twitter of any auto brand according to a Gartner L2 report on the topic. Audi utilized many of Twitter’s features, including holding live streams to discuss the new car, promoting tweets and videos, and releasing exclusive ads on the platform. Audi strategically placed announcements to drop during important sports and pop culture events. Before the 2019 SuperBowl, Audi previewed its game-time ad on Twitter, which ended up getting the most views of an auto company advertisement during the game. 

Audi also partnered with Marvel Comics in sponsoring many events online before the release of the “Avengers: Endgame” film, including promoted videos, a “live” red carpet, and hosting Twitter conversations with Marvel fans using the hashtag #MarvelLive. Taking steps to engage with committed sports and movie fans paid off for Audi. By the time the e-tron SUV officially launched in the US there were 1.8 million people watching the live-stream event—exceeding many previous Twitter benchmarks. 

Audi took time and persistence to carefully orchestrate its latest automobile launch. Using an underutilized product platform like Twitter allowed Audi to innovate a new marketing strategy, one that may be used as a blueprint for future Twitter partnerships. 

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