Daily Insights

Sit Back and Snack

By: Mackenzie Baker | Aug 14, 2020

Auntie Anne’s is promoting its Pretzel Perks rewards program with a new family room-friendly sweepstakes. 

Recline-to-Dine will reward a pretzel-loving fan with a plush reclining chair that orders pretzels via a side lever. Fans can enter the sweepstakes on a campaign microsite until August 25, and win a year’s worth of Auntie Anne’s and a subscription service of their choice in addition to the reclining chair. Those that enter and do not win the grand prize are still eligible to win free branded gear, including socks, blankets, and pillows. As the campaign is set to promote the restaurant’s new app loyalty program, Auntie Anne’s is offering mobile customers $5 off their delivery order through the month of August. 

Auntie Anne’s new mobile app arrives during a tough period for the pretzel purveyor. As many of its locations are in malls and transit centers, the Coronavirus pandemic left Auntie Anne’s with falling sales and foot traffic. The launch of a mobile app and delivery service could help it offset the loss, particularly as demand for food delivery continues to rise. By attaching its new mobile app to a unique home promotion, Auntie Anne’s could build its following online by connecting with socially-distanced fans. Its Recline-to-Dine campaign is being promoted on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with a bite-sized video depicting customers testing out the chair’s ordering feature and the new mobile app. Driving users to its mobile app via social media could help Auntie Anne’s see an increase in downloads and further generate connections with loyal customers, according to a Gartner report on the topic. 

Auntie Anne’s is dipping into the mobile rewards trend by offering fans an easier way to order its food, or even the chance to have a chair order for them. As consumers begin to visit malls less and shop online more, the unique sweepstakes gives Auntie Anne’s the chance to stay top of mind with customers and extend its services beyond traditional, in-person selling.