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Sleighful of Free Starbucks

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 05, 2019

Starbucks has brought back one of its most beloved sweepstakes. 

Starbucks has relaunched its “Starbucks for Life” competition that will see five lucky grand-prize winners get free Starbucks daily for the next thirty years. Prizes from the competition, lasting until January 6th, will total up to $2.9 million. To enter the competition, customers have to be members of the brand’s loyalty program. Starbucks app and rewards program has proven quite popular with customers, letting them voice order and pre-order from the app, among other notable features. A Gartner L2 report on the topic found that Starbucks has one of the highest loyalty email opening rates and is “well ahead of the pack in loyalty.”  

The Starbucks for Life competition has been a popular holiday staple at the company since 2014.  In addition to the grand prize, other rewards are up for grabs including free drinks and food for a year, six months, or a month. Non-coffee related prizes include a PlayStation 4, movie tickets, and exclusive Starbucks swag. Fans have two chances a day to enter the contest, including through buying something from a store using a Starbucks card or the app, or by playing through the contest website. 

Starbucks is motivating people to get excited for the holiday season with the foretaste of free coffee. Starbucks has a steady reel of holiday promotions fans have come to expect this time of year; other brands looking to attract a sleighful of fans with holiday rewards may follow Starbucks’ lead for attracting and maintaining a loyal following.