Daily Insights

Snack and Stream

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jun 17, 2020

Amazon is encouraging fans to snack while watching their favorite shows. The platform is teaming up with Cheez-It on a new deal that rewards Prime Video viewers for watching specially picked shows. Viewers can participate in Cheez-It Snap’d & Stream where they will receive $5 Amazon credits for streaming shows—the first 1,000 viewers to enroll will also get $5 additional Prime credits. Each month’s shows will have a theme and viewers must watch a certain amount of content before winning the credit. The partnership launched at the beginning of June, with viewers asked to watch 15 hours of content under the theme “Leading Men of Television”. Watching movies and shows for credit sounds ideal to most binge-watchers but there is a catch—the $5 credit can only be used to buy select Cheez-It and Cheez-It Snap’d products on Amazon. 

Cheez-It Snap’d & Stream is the first streaming rewards campaign from the snack brand. In 2019, Cheez-It released the new Snap’d crackers in three flavors and began advertising them through TV commercials. However, with only 45% of viewers paying attention to commercials, the brand pivoted to streaming promotions. By working with Prime Video, Cheez-It can expand its audience reach while promoting its newest product. Advantageously, having millions of viewers home during the Coronavirus pandemic could boost the brand’s views and sales. Though snack food brands like Cheez-It perform well on Amazon, paving a creative path-to-purchase could spark customers to buy the snacks even quicker, according to a Gartner report. The partnership takes inspiration from Netflix and Ben & Jerry’s streaming promotions, the newest being the “Boots On the Moooo’n” flavor in honor of the platform’s new show Space Force. Though Netflix has a history of food collaborations for its original programming, Amazon’s Cheez-It partnership marks a new chapter for the platform.  

Snacks and streaming are an ideal combination for millions of viewers at home. By using a reward system, Cheez-It could see a rise in snack sales, while Prime Video could witness increased views and the potential to work with other food brands in the future.