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Snack Strength

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 12, 2020

Granola brand Kind goes on an exercise kick with the release of an energy bar for consumers to eat before their workout. 

To build buzz around its new product, the snack seller released the “Kind Energy Pledge”, which asks consumers to commit to eating an energy bar before a workout. The first 1,000 people to sign the pledge and show a photo or receipt of their energy bar purchase win $100 to spend on any future fitness-related products. The catch is that consumers can enter the pledge using the receipt of any energy bar purchase—it does not have to be a Kind Energy Bar. As such, the campaign allows Kind to focus on the energy aspect of eating before exercising, and not just on the promotion of its newest product. The campaign is the latest effort from Kind to show the boosting benefits of its snacks, which represent an ongoing theme in the brand’s rivalry against fellow bar brand Clif. As a recent survey from Kind found that 75% of Clif consumers eat its bars while lounging around or running errands, Kind hopes to show that its own bars are meant for exercise and physical activity, rather than as a snack to eat while relaxing. 

By allowing any energy bar purchase to be used for its sweepstakes, Kind takes a passive approach to its competition against Clif, while still publicizing its own product. Tying its campaign into the growing home workout trend, which has risen in popularity during the Coronavirus pandemic, could further boost Kind’s relevance, particularly with at-home exercisers looking for healthy snacks. With the Kind Energy Pledge, the food brand could get a competitive advantage in staying top of mind with consumers, whether it be online or at the grocery store. To further engage at-home consumers, Kind will promote its pledge and Kind Energy Bar via broadcast TV and digital media, including through a series of commercials promoting its health benefits, such as how the new energy bars contain 35% less sugar than the average bar. As consumers spend more time researching food online during the pandemic, interlacing its ads with website links could drive more fitness fanatics to Kind’s site, according to a Gartner report, which could in turn spur e-commerce sales. Additionally, with consumer demand for health foods surging during the pandemic, Kind’s campaign could attract a wider base of wellness-focused shoppers. 

Kind’s new energy bar campaign allows it to connect with exercise enthusiasts and wellness-minded consumers at home. By launching a multi-channel push to tout its health benefits, Kind could stand out against competitors like Clif and set the stage for future fitness-focused initiatives.