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Snapchat Connects the Blocks

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 15, 2019

Would you buy your next outfit on Snapchat? Lego seems to think so. The toy company has connected with Snapchat to release a limited-edition streetwear line that’s available only in the UK.

To see the Le-goods, you have to scan a QR Snapcode, which brings you to an AR-enhanced boutique where you can browse the collection on virtual mannequins and make purchases (there’s also a virtual DJ booth and arcade machine). With big names bailing out of their associations with Snapchat by the second, could this quirky new collab help the platform recover users?

It’s no secret that Instagram and Facebook have long been the bane of Snapchat’s existence. In addition to accusations that Facebook stole Snapchat’s Stories feature for Instagram, Instagram has stolen brands’ hearts with social commerce. In fact, 13% of brands studied in Gartner L2’s report on the topic have pounced on the growing number of commerce and customer service features available on social media. That said, trying out a full-fledged shopping experience is a smart move for Snapchat, as it signals to other brands that it too is, in fact, capable of catching attention and equity.

Though Legos might seem like child’s play, throwback culture has become a major trend. T-shirts plastered in old-school labels like NASA and Kodak cover the racks of fast fashion haunts, while larger than life logos adorn the apparel of even the highest brands. Lego’s loud and fluffy lettering fits the bill perfectly when it comes to of-the-moment trends.

But it’s not just youngsters that see the appeal of flashback gear. Building blocks have also become a sudden craze with millennials and older sets via Everblock, a furniture company that takes inspiration from Lego to allow adults to create their own furniture. For Snapchat, whose “key strength is in reaching younger audiences“, however, the sweet spot will likely lie with more trend-conscious youths. For Lego, this indicates an opportunity to connect with a wide range of fans.

It’s not the first time Snapchat has toyed with in-app shopping. In the past, the platform hosted its own merch store and a sneaker release. However, it is the first time Snapchat is shaping an experience on a global scale. If the collab goes well, it doesn’t take much to connect the blocks and see that any brand could use this kind of opportunity to set up its own shop via Snapchat.

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