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Snapchat Profiles Are Open for Business

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 27, 2020

Snapchat created a new initiative that lets well-known brands design personalized pages on the app—and several food, beauty, and retail brands have already volunteered to test out the new feature. 

Brands including Ben & Jerry’s, Target, Kylie Cosmetics, and Gucci are some of the first to release profile pages on Snapchat as part of the social platform’s new marketing push. Through the profile pages, brands can house AR lenses and filters, links to products, and videos and photos of product collections. Using a profile page, brands can also directly engage with Snapchat users, giving them an opportunity to build a loyal following with the young people who frequent it most. The initiative allows brands a chance to be present on Snapchat in ways other than simply sponsoring lenses and filters, which could help audiences gain insight into a brand and discover new products. 

The new initiative also allows brands to interact with loyal fans, opening up another line of communication similar to how they connect on Instagram or Twitter using comments and direct messages. For Snapchat, the profile pages could help expand its advertising portfolio as the straightforward and brand-personalized feature might appeal to marketers who in the past were unsure of how to reach consumers on the app. By growing an audience on Snapchat, brands can diversify their marketing strategies and become early adopters of a new advertising opportunity, according to a Gartner report. With Snapchat’s daily active usership steadily growing in the past few months, the rollout of branded profile pages could also help it keep users revisiting the app more frequently and engaging for longer periods of time. 

In the past few months, Snapchat has steadily debuted a vast variety of new features, many of which have featured brand partnerships. What makes its profile pages different from the other new features, however, is that brands have complete autonomy over the content they post on their page. By letting brands do the talking, Snapchat could benefit from the audience viewership it brings in, potentially placing it on par with Instagram when it comes to social media platforms primed for discovering new campaigns and shoppable items.