Daily Insights

Snapchat’s Mini Meditations

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 23, 2020

Snapchat has been rapidly releasing new features the past few months, including a plant identifier tool and a virtual shoe try-on. The brand’s newest initiative keeps it on the path to innovation, but this time with a peaceful partner in tow. 

Snapchat announced the release of Snap Minis at its Virtual Partner Summit in June, which will serve as “bite sized” apps that live within the platform. One of the first mini apps has recently launched, and it may look familiar to meditation fans. Headspace, the popular mindfulness app, is now available to Snapchat users. Called “Headspace Mini”, the small-scale feature lets users participate in meditation sessions on their own and within chats with friends. Users can choose from meditations such as “Just Breathe” or “Get Out Of A Funk”, with friends able to complete the same session or a different one at the same time. The mini app also includes Snapchat camera tools, including stickers that say “vibe check” and animations encouraging users to “snap how you feel”. Users do not have to be a current Headspace subscriber, or even have the app, to access the meditations on Headspace Mini. 

As Headspace Mini can be activated within chats with other Snapchat users, friends have the opportunity to try a new experience together, even if they are apart. While that can help users stay connected while social distancing, debuting the mini app during the Coronavirus pandemic—when consumer stress levels are soaring—also makes a known stress relieving tactic more accessible to those who need it. Additionally, the majority of Snapchat users are teens and young adults, which is the same demographic dealing with the current highest stress levels. By connecting with these young users—who are the most primed for engagement according to a Gartner report on the topic—Headspace has an opportunity to introduce a beneficial outlet for relaxation and potentially transform novice meditators into paying subscribers.  

Bringing meditation to Snapchat’s younger users allows both brands to educate viewers in a space they are already familiar and comfortable with, potentially helping the lessons on serenity resonate more. By working with Headspace, Snapchat can make meditation more accessible to the public and surpass its status as a social media app expanding into a multi-dimensional brand that supports its users and their mental health.