Daily Insights

Snap’s Style Sketch

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 06, 2021

Snapchat’s Bitmoji feature virtually highlights trending fashion and brand collections. Through a new digital plan, the fashionable avatars could be the first stop of an e-commerce adventure. 

Snapchat looks to broaden Bitmoji’s online presence by turning the character’s clothing choices into an alternative revenue stream. Though Snapchat has partnered with Nike and Ralph Lauren in the past, it’s now looking to expand its advertising options by making the Bitmjoi clothes available for real-life purchase. This means that Snapchat users could buy the exact clothes for themselves that they dress their Bitmoji in. The catch is that all of the clothes would need to come from actual retail and fashion brands, so Snapchat would have to establish partnerships with clothing collaborators to sell their products on its app. Doing so could be simple, however, as Snapchat has already established ties with brands including Gucci and Levi’s via its profile pages and AR lens initiatives. Doubling down on these partnerships could help Snapchat level itself against social media-turned shopping platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest

With social media having a growing influence over Gen Z shopping decisions, Snapchat’s shoppable Bitmjois could appeal to its largest user base and help boost the platform’s e-commerce presence. As 70% of Snapchat users regularly engage with their Bitmoji, the platform could have an open opportunity for promotion via the digital character’s fashion. The high interaction rates could also help Snapchat appeal to brands on the basis of brand affiliation and promotional convenience. The rising popularity of augmented and virtual reality—which are frequently used by Snapchat—could further drive brands to the social media site, according to a Gartner report. Doing so could allow partner brands to tap into top trends and give their products a second life, digitally. Though Snapchat has yet to announce which brands will kick off its new shopping initiative, it has already filed a patent to get the process underway beginning early this year. 

As shopping and social media continue to merge, Snapchat’s e-commerce push could help it blaze a trail in the growing fusion. With more consumers shopping at home—and on their phones—Snapchat’s digital drive could lead to additional downloads and revenue.