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Social Media Merrymaking

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 13, 2020

To help Americans make the most out of a socially distanced holiday season, Apartment Therapy and sister brand Kitchn are helping consumers plan a virtual Thanksgiving feast. 

The brand’s Thanksgiving Food Fest invites users from around the U.S. to follow Kitchn on Instagram to discover seasonal recipes and exclusive cooking videos. From November 14-15, Kitchn will host interactive social segments discussing Thanksgiving traditions and foods, which users can follow along with to plan their own celebrations. Kitchn will include popular bakers and chefs from around the country to teach viewers how to make special dishes, including stuffing and pumpkin pie, as well as feature decorating ideas and suggestions for how families can stay connected on Thanksgiving, even if they are apart during the pandemic. Kitchn will also weave in outside partners, including QVC and Cheeses of Europe, which will lead segments featuring their products or specialties. More consumers are turning to Instagram to purchase products according to a Gartner report, so promoting items from its site on Instagram could help Kitchn and its campaign partners see a surge in sales during and after its Thanksgiving Food Fest. 

By using Instagram—as opposed to its website or a video chat platform like Zoom—Kitchn could reach a larger audience of consumers and increase awareness towards its holiday themed campaign. As Apartment Therapy has already seen a 98% increase in holiday-related search traffic, turning to Instagram could boost its following and allow it to capitalize on consumer shopping demand. By using Kitchn, which is known for its kitchen decor and recipes, Apartment Therapy could engage a loyal audience of food-focused followers as well as appeal to social media users unfamiliar with the brand, but who are still in search of Thanksgiving ideas. Kitchn will utilize Instagram’s Story, IGTV, and IG Live features to reach users, which gives followers access to both live and pre-recorded segments. Though many of the events are centered around Thanksgiving, continuing to promote them on Instagram through the end of the year could help Kitchn retain relevance as consumers begin preparing for December holidays, too.  

Kitchn’s Thanksgiving Food Fest helps social media users prepare for the holiday season from home. By tapping into consumer engagement via Instagram, Kitchn and Apartment Therapy could increase importance with at-home celebrators and set the stage for future holiday festivities.