Daily Insights

Some Bark, No Bite

By: Kyle Rees | Sep 10, 2019

While prevalence of site features is important to consider, form should follow function.

Tools that take up precious site real estate should provide value to customers, and brands offering tools need to go beyond checking the box. Just under 70% of B2B brands tracked in Gartner L2’s report on the topic link to some form of supplier or distributor locator in their site’s primary navigation menu. This compares to the 74% of brands that link to some form of site store locator in retail-heavy sectors.

The disparity in functionality of locators for B2Bs versus B2Cs, however, is much more pronounced. Of the 69% of B2B sites with a Find a Distributor or Supplier tool (or its equivalent), just over a third leverage user-provided zip codes or addresses to find a point of sale location. The percentage of Find a Distributor or Supplier tools that rely on geolocation to do the same drops to just 22%. 80% of B2C brands included in Gartner L2’s Omnichannel study, in contrast, leveraged geolocation functionality to find locations based on a site visitor’s IP address.

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