Daily Insights

Songs of the Season

By: Mackenzie Baker | Aug 27, 2020

Spotify’s new digital experience, Wish You Were Here, brings beloved songs and sounds to users around the world. Through its curated playlist, Spotify transports listeners to locations of their choice, such as a breezy beach or a roaring campfire. The sounds could evoke an idyllic summer day and help listeners relax during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

To partake in the experience, Spotify users can go to the Wish You Were Here microsite and select a song and location of their choice. For the rollout, Spotify is promoting the “songs of summer”, allowing users to choose from current popular hits and pair them with settings like a backyard BBQ, the park, or a rooftop party. Each location includes a description to help users “set the scene” for their summer playlist. When users play their Wish You Were Here concert, they will hear their chosen song mixed with sounds from their chosen location, such as seagulls flying by, a grill sizzling, or drink glasses clinking. 

Spotify is promoting its seasonal sounds on Twitter, where it encourages its 3.6 million followers to craft their own addition. To play up the summer theme of the experience, Spotify lets users send their sound collaborations as a “digital postcard” via the app or through social media. Those that receive a digital postcard from a friend can then create their own summer mashup to send or post. Spotify users who post their Wish You Were Here’s on Twitter can do so using the hashtag #SpotifySummer to further share their version and see what other settings listeners have created. As Twitter is the most popular platform for tracking brand mentions, according to a Gartner report, Spotify can also use its new hashtag to see what locations and songs are favored among users sharing their summer sounds.  

With the Coronavirus pandemic putting a damper on many traditional summer activities, listeners are seeking out the sounds they miss. Through Spotify’s new Wish You Were Here experience, users can transport themselves to a custom-made summer day. The experience could bring new users to Spotify and encourage all listeners to spend more time on the app as they soak up their ideal summer sounds.