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Spotify Mixes Songs with Stories

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 30, 2020

Spotify levels itself against Apple with the launch of its own morning show, The Get Up

With consumer demand for streaming services surging during the Coronavirus pandemic, Spotify looks to boost engagement with a morning show tailored to listener preferences. Spotify’s new program The Get Up is a music-talk show hybrid, which features news and talk segments from three hosts as well as curated music tracks in between pieces. The hosts include YouTube influencer Kat Lazo, journalist Speedy Morman, and Spotify’s head of Cultural Partnerships Xavier Jernigan. The hosts all come from different backgrounds and have previously established followings, which could help Spotify appeal to a wider audience and build buzz around The Get Up. Each weekday morning, Spotify will release its latest “playlist” of The Get Up, which includes songs in between talk segments that are based on a user’s recent listening trends. For example, if a Spotify user frequently listens to 90’s pop music, songs of that genre could appear in their The Get Up playlist. The playlist will change each day, with new segments and songs made available for users to listen to. 

Virtual morning shows have become the newest trend as consumers shift away from broadcast in favor of streaming. Spotify joins brands like Apple, which also launched a daily news show, Apple News Today. Like Spotify’s The Get Up, Apple News Today gives listeners top headlines in podcast form, making it easier for them to stream while working, commuting, or multitasking. Both podcasts could also go head-to-head against NBC News’ virtual morning show, Morning News Now, which runs on the broadcast network’s NBC News Now streaming service. With younger consumers favoring streaming and virtual sites to get their news fix, it makes sense that top players in the streaming industry would tailor shows to their preferences. However, as the market is full of short, news-focused podcasts, Spotify will have to differentiate The Get Up from competitors if it wants to avoid surrendering a share of its audience, according to a Gartner report. It could do so by noting that The Get Up is available to both paying subscribers and free users, whereas Apple and NBC News’ shows are only for the former. As well, offering personalized playlists and a variety of topics could help Spotify distinguish itself and reach a wider audience. 

With The Get Up, Spotify could deepen engagement with users and appeal to those that turn to its platform for both songs and stories. The show could also allow Spotify to carve out a larger slice of the streaming market, which in turn could help it level up against competitors like Apple Music.