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Sprite, Reinvented

By: Mackenzie Baker | Feb 17, 2020

Sprite has recruited young drink designers to help reinvent its latest flavor, Sprite Ginger. 

Sprite is releasing a Sprite Ginger flavor, complete with a matching collection. The new flavor takes Sprite’s classic lemon-lime taste and adds just a hint of ginger; it will be released in both regular and sugar-free versions. Sprite Ginger is Coca-Cola’s—Sprite’s parent company—latest release, as the company has also recently produced Coke Cherry Vanilla and Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite. Sprite Ginger, however, is the latest project to reign on social media, where Coca-Cola often uses influencers to dominate on social channels, according to a Gartner report on the topic. 

To promote Ginger Sprite’s release, the brand is running a 30-second spot to hype up the drink. The commercial walks fans through Sprite’s twenty years of hip-hop collaborations in anticipation of it’s latest “drop.”  Furthermore, Sprite is going far beyond digital ads for the new release—it is also using billboards, social media, and eight young designers to help create the Sprite Ginger Collection. 

Through the Sprite Ginger Collection, the brand collaborated with aspiring, young designers with a range of fortes including fashion and graphic design. Each young creator was mentored by streetwear designer Jeff Staple—who led the helm of creating the “Ginger Collection” clothing line. The collection includes graphic t-shirts, hoodies, accessories and skateboards—all in the same colors as Sprite Ginger’s new green and gold cans. Sprite plans to spotlight each new product and designer over a ten-week span, primarily on the brand’s social media channels and under Sprite’s brand platform: “Thirst For Yours”. Sprite has already been teasing the initiatives on social media and through billboards placed around Manhattan.  

Sprite is hoping to reinvent what fans know about the brand through its latest drink campaign. By collaborating with young talent, the beverage brand could also provide artists with a new platform that may in turn spark a batch of new fans.