Daily Insights

Steered Toward Sustainability

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 09, 2020

Auto brands have spent the past few years designing sustainable and energy efficient vehicles for the mass market. While many of these cars, like BMW and Tesla, are fit for the luxury market, Buick is bringing consumers an affordable option.

The Buick Electra is the auto brand’s new electric concept car created with its Shanghai counterpart, SAIC-GM. The vehicle is unlike any other Buick has unveiled before and includes a few Back to the Future-esque features such as butterfly doors and a “hidden flying skateboard” under the rear bumper as an alternative travel means. Car owners can also enjoy the vehicle’s AI voice system control, AR-enhanced head-up display, and overall “immersive visual experience”. A space capsule inspired the Buick Electra, reflected through its “futuristic” features and silver and black color scheme. Though Buick made the vehicle visually appealing, its most captivating boast could be the 400 miles it can travel on a single charge. As an electric-hybrid vehicle, the Buick Electra is equipped with an Ultium battery, which allows the car to go far distances without needing oil. 

As 63% of prospective car buyers show interest in electric vehicles, the new Buick Electra could appeal to an already intrigued audience. As demand for electric vehicles reaches a critical tipping point, according to a Gartner report on the topic, the Buick Electra could satisfy new consumer expectations. The vehicle could also help consumers save gas money and make road trips more sustainable. Creating an eco-friendly alternative for long road trips could further appeal to drivers, including the 72% of whom believe electric cars could help reduce pollution. Buick has not released when the Electra will hit the market, but it did reveal that another fully electric car will join its side rather soon. By 2030 Buick plans to release two fully electric vehicles, which could help it boost its presence in the sustainable auto market and join affordable leaders like Ford and Nissan to bring environmentally-friendly vehicles to the masses. 

The Buick Electra could connect with sustainable consumers and propel Buick into the era of zero emissions. With consumer demand for sustainable vehicles rapidly increasing, Buick’s new model may inspire fellow brands to give electric cars a test drive, too.