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Stella’s Starting Lineup

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 25, 2021

Anheuser-Busch’s Stella Artois teams up with Blue Apron to bring dinner and drinks to at-home football fans during the biggest game of the year. 

Blue Apron’s new “Stella Stadium Bites” menu is now up for grabs  to subscription members ahead of the Super Bowl on February 7. The menu includes four options with six servings each, including pork chorizo quesadillas and smoked gouda and chicken on focaccia, plus four Stella Artois chalices to commemorate the occasion. Blue Apron pays homage to traditional game day foods while taking its menu to the next level in hopes of earning new consumers. Working with Stella Artois could help Blue Apron boost engagement for its mini menu according to a Gartner report on the topic, as beer is one of the top consumed beverages during the Super Bowl. Additionally, more beer brands advertise during the big game than any other time during the NFL season, so helping create Stella Stadium Bites allows Stella Artois to differentiate itself, as well. 

To promote its game day feast, Blue Apron drafted former NFL players Victor Cruz and Eli Manning, who star in the online mini series Stella Sessions, where viewers can learn how to make the recipes in the Stella Stadium Bites. The series kicked off on January 18 on Stella Artois’ Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with links to Blue Apron’s website included for easy orders of the game day feast. The brands are also using the hashtag #StellaStadiumBites to build buzz around the limited edition meal deal, which could score more users for Stella Artois’ channels and Blue Apron’s website. Stella Artois isn’t the only brand trying something new for the Super Bowl. Star player Budweiser chose to sit out of the game this year, instead opting to donate ad money to vaccine efforts, while Pepsi still plans to run game-day ads of its own. That said, Stella Stadium Bites might allow both brands to engage with homebound consumers without going the traditional route of a typically pricey in-spot commercial, but still getting in on the action of the Super Bowl. 

While the Super Bowl is very much about the NFL, it’s also a leading day for many food and beverage brands. The Coronavirus pandemic has altered this year’s festivities, but Blue Apron’s Stella Stadium Bites could encourage consumers to make the most of their at-home viewing parties.