Daily Insights

Stories for Professionals

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 26, 2020

Like the Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest features that came before it, LinkedIn’s Stories debut allows users to publish photos and short videos at the top of their feed. 

LinkedIn’s Stories brings an air of familiarity and casual conversation often found on other social media platforms, but not necessarily on the networking site. By adding a Stories feature, LinkedIn could offer a more informal way for users to share news, updates, or professional experiences with their connections. Users can record 20-second videos or share photos, both of which will stay on their Stories for a 24-hour period before disappearing. Stories can also include stickers and text bubbles to further engage viewers. The feature can be published by users and brands and provides an alternative way for companies to connect with professionals or promote job postings. LinkedIn encourages Stories to be used for “lightweight conversations related to work-life”, giving users an opportunity to share office anecdotes, spontaneous advice for job seekers, or resume tips. 

Stories is available for users worldwide, though it began as a trial feature in France. LinkedIn tested the feature by partnering with luxury fashion brand Christian Dior, which used Stories to give behind-the-scenes looks at Paris Fashion Week this past September. The interest garnered from viewers of Dior’s Stories prompted LinkedIn to launch the feature to all users and brands. The addition of Stories allows LinkedIn to modernize its communication styles and could boost user interactions and time spent on the platform. LinkedIn’s Stories arrives shortly after the launch of Story Pins on Pinterest, where entrepreneurs and influencers are encouraged to share content clips to followers. Adding a Stories feature reminiscent of those on Instagram and Snapchat shows that there is rising interest from consumers to provide short-form daily insights in all areas of their lives, including with their careers and hobbies, according to a Gartner report on the topic. As more consumers are home during the Coronavirus pandemic, social media serves as a primary form of communication, so making it easier to connect with other users or brands could help social platforms increase demand and build loyalty. 

By adding its own Stories feature, LinkedIn could raise its relevance amongst professionals and brands while leveling itself against other social media platforms.