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Sucrose Yet So Far

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Jan 09, 2019

This holiday season, Oreo took its collabs to a new octave. Videos on Twitter displayed a pack of purple-clad carolers singing praises for the brands that incorporated Oreo products, from Burger King to BuzzFeed, along with the #OreoCarol hashtag. But will the perky promotion be enough to keep milk’s favorite cookie from crumbling?

Despite attaining cult cookie status, Oreo has been dipping digitally. Last year, the brand took a massive 49-point dunk in Gartner L2’s rankings. While Oreo boasted best-in-class performance across social media platforms, according to Gartner L2’s most recent Digital IQ Index: Food, its brand site was hampered by slow load times and limited mobile optimization.

Like candy, chocolate, and other impulse buy brands, Oreo de-prioritized its website. Other categories, including frozen food and ice cream, on the other hand, made incremental improvements to their brand sites, particularly around features related to health and nutrition. Even with a catchy #OreoCarol campaign, not investing in a smoother website is a missed opportunity to communicate additional product information to consumers, especially given that transparency is top of mind for many buyers today.

Still, the campaign caught a good chunk of attention from many in the Twitterverse thanks to its mention of many other brands, video format, and rendition of the popular and timely “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” To ensure an even more solid future, brands that pour this much effort into their social media should consider doing the same for their sites, striking the appropriate balance between engaging campaign content and useful product information.

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