Daily Insights

Suffer From a Cold in Comfort

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 02, 2020

Mucinex’s “Sickwear” is a new, limited-edition clothing line with special features to help customers recover from a cold or  flu in comfort. The collection includes a “Slumpsuit”, silk eye mask, and “ZZZimono”, which is a silk jacket with a detachable neck pillow and tissue-holding pockets. Customers can purchase the whole line or individual pieces, which range in price from $46 to $140 on Mucinex’s apparel microsite, where it is currently sold out. To launch the collection, Mucinex created an “at home fashion show” where YouTube influencers modeled the pieces via livestream. Debuting the clothing collection on YouTube could help Mucinex reach younger consumers, as 62% of Gen Zers stream videos on the platform daily. Working with influencers could also help the brand further resonate with young consumers, as 44% of them are willing to buy products recommended by an influencer. 

Consumer demand for branded merchandise has risen in the past few years, but it’s often been restaurant and food brands that deliver, rather than personal care companies. However, releasing an apparel line could set Mucinex apart from medicine competitors and allow it to trail-blaze the “Sickwear” trend. By selling the apparel on its own website, rather than partnering with a retailer like 7-Eleven or Jolly Rancher have done, Mucinex could boost interactions with consumers and learn more about their target customer bases. Making the collection limited-edition could also help Mucienx build buzz with fans and spread awareness about the cold and flu season, particularly as it merges with the Coronavirus pandemic, according to a Gartner report on the topic. While Mucinex traditionally ramps up its marketing initiatives during the cold season, it typically relies solely on social media. By shifting to an e-commerce apparel campaign this year, Mucinex could further grow its digital following while boosting sales with homebound consumers. 

With Sickwear, Mucinex could become a go-to brand for comfort clothing, and while most of this year has been dedicated to pandemic marketing, circling back to its core functionality—i.e. cold and flu products—could help Mucinex renew relevance with consumers.