Daily Insights

Summer of Seltzer

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 14, 2020

To celebrate the season, Truly Hard Seltzer is rolling out a fresh new campaign focused on individuality. The spirits brand created four music videos for the new “Live Truly” campaign, running on TV, social media, digital media, and out-of-home. The videos—called Entrances, Day Party, Reflections, and Late Night—all highlight the individuality that can be expressed by dancing like no one’s watching and drinking hard seltzer. For example, the Entrances video spotlights various individuals making their arrivals at parties, always while holding a can of Truly and often busting out a dance move to announce their entrance. 

Truly’s new campaign spotlights the carefree and creative aspects of seltzer drinkers in the summer. The ads openly invite fans “into a party where you can be yourself”, which could help Truly build a loyal following of consumers looking to feel empowered. The welcoming sentiment could also engage viewers around the country looking for a bubbly message amidst the bleak reality of staying home and social distancing during the pandemic. The seltzer brand’s image as a healthier, warm-weather beverage could further immerse audiences, according to a Gartner report, as consumers have become more nutritionally-conscious following the Coronavirus pandemic. 

“Live Truly” marks the brand’s first large-scale marketing campaign since the pandemic began. The campaign coincides with an ongoing effort from Truly called Truly Originals, which features up-and-coming artist collaborations. For the joint effort, Truly partnered with four artists and asked them to create unique designs for its new Truly Lemonade line, which pops up in the Live Truly videos as well. The lemonade can designs are also being turned into limited-edition merchandise, where all sales are donated to the Artist Relief Fund, a community initiative raising money for artists and musicians out of work during the pandemic. 

Truly’s new large-scale campaign signals a return to upbeat marketing for brands following months of somber advertising during the Coronavirus pandemic. Customers could be inspired by the series of 30-second spots to freely express their own eccentricities while drinking seltzer and get a sip of the summer normalcy they have been seeking. But with the return of summer comes several other beverage brands commencing a return to advertising as well, so only time will tell if Truly’s efforts bring forth a new set of seltzer-seizing fans or fizzle out.