Daily Insights

Sweet Treats in a Sour Year

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 28, 2020

Sour Patch Kids invites children across the U.S. to a “reverse trick or treating” celebration that brings the candy to the kids, rather than the other way around. 

Halloween in many cities could be “saved” thanks to Sour Patch Kids’ new “Reverse Trick or Treating Experience” which lets consumers nominate their city to receive a special holiday candy delivery. Beginning October 8, candy consumers could enter Sour Patch Kids’ new sweepstakes that rewards residents of 12 U.S. cities with prizes such as endless packs of Sour Patch Kids Zombies candy and branded toilet paper. Out of the dozen winning locations, one will also be chosen to host the Sour Patch Kids mascots, which will arrive in town via a giant, driveable jack-o-lantern to drop off candy around neighborhoods. To enter the reverse celebration, fans can tweet their city using the hashtags #SourThenSweetHalloween. Using Twitter as its entry form could help Sour Patch Kids raise interactions, according to a Gartner report. The candy brand also asks entrants to follow its Instagram, where sweepstakes winners will be announced via its Story. 

To build buzz around its atypical celebration, Sour Patch Kids released a 30-second ad touting its lifesize mascots and a promise that “trick or treating will come to you”. The ad ends by asking viewers to learn more on its social channels, which could effectively spark followers and engagement on Sour Patch Kids’ accounts. In addition to running on social media, Sour Patch Kids’ commercial will air on streaming platforms and broadcast TV, too. As Halloween is one of the largest candy holidays of the year, it makes sense that the brand is jumping at the chance to save the celebration. While Sour Patch Kids transforms trick or treating for the pandemic age, other brands like Hershey’s, Mars Wrigley, and Trolli are also embracing virtual solutions to remain relevant. Though the pandemic threatens trick or treating traditions, 58% of consumers still plan to celebrate by handing out candy or visiting haunted houses, proving to brands that an interest in Halloween festivities remains. 

Sour Patch Kids’ inventive twist on traditional trick or treating could make consumers hungry for engagement. By taking necessary precautions through its contactless prize drop off, Sour Patch Kids could demonstrate to brands and consumers that fun but safe celebrations are still possible.