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Sweetgreen’s Sustainable Salad

By: Mackenzie Baker | Feb 20, 2020

Sweetgreen and celebrity chef David Chang are syncing up for sustainability.

The restaurant and chef may have figured out the recipe for sustainability: a kelp salad, the newest item on Sweetgreen’s menu. The Tingly Sweet Potato and Kelp Bowl will bring kelp to the forefront in the brand’s attempt to highlight its benefits. In addition to promoting the health benefits of kelp, Sweetgreen is also hoping to raise awareness of how it can improve the oceans and those that rely on them for work—i.e. fisherman. A limited edition product, the kelp bowl will be available at any Sweetgreen until March 26. 

Chang isn’t just one of the brains behind the salad; he is also promoting the salad through a series of video advertisements. In the videos, Chang speaks to three fish puppets about the importance of using sustainable seaweed. The lighthearted ads will be running in various time spots, in addition to post promotions on Sweetgreen’s social media pages—a sensible move as social can attract organic traction and help restaurants, particularly when launching new products, according to a Gartner report on the topic. In total, Sweetgreen will be promoting the kelp salad through mobile, audio and YouTube ads, as well as on social media, out of home, and through search. 

Sweetgreen is promoting its stance on sustainability in the best way it knows how— salad. The brand’s could inspire customers to make sustainable choices in their day to day lives, and may inspire other restaurants to help with kelp, too.