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Swipe Right to Checkout

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 10, 2020

The dating app Hinge is celebrating those that have met on the app. 

Hinge has launched a digital merchandise shop, aptly called the Hingie Shop, named after the brand mascot that dies every time users find a match. The store is full of goods meant to “mark the day couples deleted the app”—the mission is fitting given the app’s tagline: Designed to Be Deleted. “Hingie” originally launched in August 2019 in a series of playful scenes where every time a pair of singles hit it off, Hingie would meet its demise. As an extension of the original Hingie campaign, fans can now use the Hingie shop to find items celebrating the destruction of the mascot, such as a Hingie piñata or Hingie bath bomb. Non-mascot related items in the shop include Hinge branded tees, hats, and Vans. The most expensive item in the shop is a customizable “delete date” necklace with real diamonds, for the price of $500. 

Hinge has a reasonably-sized following on Instagram, where it often uses popular accounts and influencers to promote the app to enhance brand awareness, according to a Gartner report. However, the brand’s most used “influencer” is Hingie itself. Hingie’s separate Instagram account currently boasts over 150,000 followers, and is often featured in videos and Stories on both accounts. The brand plans to continue employing marketing initiatives around its Designed to Be Deleted campaign throughout the year in addition to the Hingie Shop remaining open indefinitely. According to Hinge, 85% of members consider “Delete Day” a milestone in their relationships, and the brand hopes the merchandise shop will help users celebrate these occasions.

Hinge is putting a unique spin on classic anniversary gifts with its new shop—and demonstrating a way for other apps to turn digital prowess into a physical presence.