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Tales of Tequila

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 27, 2020

Tequila brand Don Julio raises a glass in honor of its founder through a new campaign dedicated to sharing the brand’s roots. 

A Life Devoted to Tequila Making” tells the story of Don Julio—the man and the brand. Through a series of commercials and advertisements, Don Julio walks viewers through its history, including how its founder, Don Julio González, “accidentally” cultivated his blend of tequila as well as how the brand is prepared to survive the economic downturn of the Coronavirus pandemic. The ads also share González’s secrets to creating tequila, including how he used to whisper to his agave plants and grow them in patterns in Jalisco, Mexico. Quirky, unknown details like these could intrigue customers and help them feel more connected to the Don Julio brand. The campaign also focuses on the theme of family and friends, which is seen in commercials that spotlight González’s loved ones. Additionally, the commercials pay homage to bartenders, as Don Julio considers them friends for all they do to promote its tequila in bars around the world. As a thank you, Don Julio donated $25,000 to the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation to help bartenders and other restaurant workers affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The campaign is the largest to date for Don Julio, with commercials running on Hulu, YouTube, and Twitter. Additional advertisements, including video shorts and still images, have launched across social and digital media, which could further raise awareness about the campaign. By keeping its promotions virtually-focused, Don Julio could boost its opportunities for connection, particularly as social media consumption increases by 50% and consumer preferences for video content continues to rise, according to a Gartner report on the topic. With consumers staying home and bars remaining closed amid the ongoing pandemic, Don Julio’s campaign could also spur online alcohol delivery. By tying in a philanthropic element, such as donating to out of work bartenders, Don Julio could gain support from socially conscious consumers, who support a brand that supports others. Don Julio follows in the footsteps of fellow spirits brands, like Aperol and Jameson, by serving up support for out-of-work restaurant employees during the pandemic. 

By giving viewers a taste of its brand story, Don Julio could connect with a wider audience and stay top of mind with consumers at restaurants and at home, as well as those affected by the pandemic at work.