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Target Gets a Big City Upgrade

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 13, 2020

New York’s popular Milk Bar shops are bringing sweet treats to Target’s grocery aisles. The cookie company teamed up with Target to offer packaged varieties of some of its best sellers and new treats, in a partnership that could appeal to its cult of cookie consumers and devoted retail shoppers, alike.

While Milk Bar began selling its packaged cookies and cakes in Whole Foods earlier this year, its partnership with Target will be on a larger scale and could therefore reach a wider base of consumers, according to a Gartner report. For its initial product rollout, Milk Bar released two types of products—truffle crumb cakes and cookies. The crumb cakes are inspired by the bakery’s signature cake truffles and will be available in three flavors: birthday, chocolate birthday, and chocolate chip. As for the cookies, Milk Bar offers three types as well: confetti, cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow, and compost, which includes pretzels, potato chips, coffee, butterscotch, and graham crackers. While the crumb cakes and cookies are already available to consumers, Milk Bar will also release a special seasonal variety to shoppers beginning in November. 

Expanding into the grocery aisle allows Milk Bar to regain sales it may have lost earlier in the year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. By offering its treats at a national retailer, Milk Bar could boost its audience reach and connect with homebound consumers. Providing treats that fans may recognize from its shops, such as the compost cookies, could also raise its presence in the grocery aisle. Additionally, by offering new products like the crumb cakes, Milk Bar is able to differentiate its Target line from its classic bakeries, which could help it retain loyalty with long-time customers and attract a new grocery audience. Milk Bar announced the new product line on Instagram and Twitter, where the brand has shared both pictures of Target baskets filled with its cookies and customer tweets voicing their excitement over the new goods. By virtually interacting with fans and building buzz around its new partnership, Milk Bar could spur more visits to Target, and potentially follow the retailer’s lead and expand its presence on TikTok, as well.  

By teaming up with Target, Milk Bar can bring its cookies and cakes to the masses. As Target continues to expand its grocery offerings, Milk Bar’s products could attract more shoppers and help the retailer raise its product profile.