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Target Is Transforming

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 21, 2019

The retailer just adorned its beauty aisles with a slew of trendy personal care brands such as nontoxic nail care line Tenoverten, clean skincare company Cocokind, and natural beauty brand Yuni. Though many brands have opted to hitch a ride on the wellness wave that’s been cutting through the industries, here’s why Target’s strategy might have a little more truth than trend to it.

In the past, Target has put considerable effort into expanding its beauty space. Last year, it introduced the Target Beauty Studio, which wove in augmented reality for consumers to virtually try on products and an integrated live chat function for them to seek beauty advice. By using its new studio as a place to experiment with online trends, Target gets a two-for-one trend deal: beauty and digital. In fact, a recent survey showed that 74% of consumers now expect AR to be part of the shopping experience soon. In this way, it makes sense that Target would continue to expand its beauty assortment with the newest trend: wellness. According to the company, the expansion also emphasizes its “chemical strategy“, an initiative which debuted in 2017 and includes improved ingredient transparency across beauty, personal care, baby care and household cleaning—another popular piece of information to consider for consumers on the path to purchase.

Though it’s not fully clear where “wellness” as a buyable trend originated, one place its followers have flocked is Pinterest. The platform quickly earned a reputation as hub for retailers who sell in visually appealing categories like home decor, crafts and wellness. Target clearly leads in advertising on Pinterest, taking 21% of all outbound traffic from ads on the platform, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Big Box.

For Target, diving deeper into wellness, transparency, and digital dexterity might be helpful in attracting more than just the mom-and-dad crowd, but also millennials with a proclivity for adopting trends. For wellness brands or brands hoping to break into the wellness space, Target’s aisles are ripe for the taking.