Daily Insights

Targeted Shopping

By: Mackenzie Baker | May 27, 2020

Target is the first mass retailer to integrate Instagram Checkout into its e-commerce profile by rolling out one-stop shopping on the platform. Users can buy products featured on the retail chain’s primary account as well as the Target Style page. Shoppable posts will feature a bag icon in the corner of the mobile screen which users can click on to purchase items without leaving Instagram. Shoppers can save their payment and delivery information on Instagram, meaning the next time they buy from Target via the social media channel, the purchase will be completed in two taps. Target’s brick-and-mortar locations have remained open during the Coronavirus pandemic, however, sales have veered as shoppers prefer online shopping while social distancing, making it the prime time for Target to continue its e-commerce expansion. 

By working with Instagram on a mobile shop, Target is expanding its sales channels in an effort to maintain its digital selling momentum. With millions of users turning to Instagram for makeup, fashion, and home decorating inspiration daily, the ability to purchase a product immediately could help Target turn passive scrollers into key customers. Target’s home section is one of its largest departments—and with social media influencing the purchasing decisions of 65% of millennials shopping for home goods, according to a Gartner report—shopping via Instagram could allow the brand to stand out amongst competitors. As well, 97% of Gen-Z acknowledges social media is a top source for shopping ideas, making the e-commerce features primed to resonate with younger shoppers. Working with a national chain also benefits Instagram, as the platform advances on its path to becoming an e-commerce platform. 

While Target products are only shoppable on its social pages, potential success could see the retail chain expanding shoppable posts to influencer or magazine profiles, slowly helping standardize Instagram Checkout.