Daily Insights

Target’s Travel Tactics

By: Mackenzie Baker | Feb 10, 2020

Target is journeying into the private luggage sector. The retail giant plans to launch a private label luggage brand called “Open Story” this month. The collection will consist of forty products and accessories all set at “Target prices”, i.e. affordable prices, ranging from $20-$180. The luggage collection will feature packing cubes, garment bags, and backpacks, in addition to classic weekender bags and suitcases. The brand plans to release some of the pieces in limited edition colors including violet, cedar, and wrought iron, with Target intending to release other special colors throughout each season. Target wanted the luggage to be sleek, yet functional and help passengers get through whatever journey they may be on, from business travel to spur-of-the-moment road trips. 

Target is an industry leader in the big box sector, according to a Gartner report on the topic, and a major segment of success comes from its private labels. As such, curating private labels to match current market trends has become one of Target’s profitable tactics. In January 2020, the brand launched an inclusive private label activewear line, with the majority of products available for under $40—a deliberate strategy as the brand took aim at pricier brands. 

Target’s new luggage collection sticks to its tried-and-true strategy. While other big box stores may consider supplying more luggage brands to increase variety, Target is going its own route by releasing the in-house collection.