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Tell Me, What’s Your Flavor?

By: Julia Passenberger | Oct 18, 2019

Recipes are a key tool that food brands in Germany use to engage consumers on their websites. Indeed, 70% of Index brands in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Food Germany offer recipe sections, as they seek to drive site visits. However, not all food categories gain maximum value from recipe content, with flavorings and sauces brands garnering over three times more page views than the Index average of 10%. For brands in this category, recipe content is a good addition to their digital marketing strategy, as their products can be featured in a wide range of dishes, increasing the breadth of content they can create. 

Maggi is a category leader and hosts a best-in-class recipe section with features including links to product pages, user ratings and availability of Maggi ingredients on retailer sites. Maggi not only excels with recipe content on site, but also makes this content accessible through Facebook. With close to 20 million followers, Maggi’s Facebook account has the fifth-highest reach out of all tracked brands. Its Facebook Messenger chatbot named Kim offers various types of support:

Inspiration: The chatbot gives recipe ideas based on several factors including ingredients, preparation time, seasonality and meal type. The recipe content is either directly available through the bot or links to Maggi’s website.

Save for Later: Recipes can be saved to a list and retrieved through the bot at a later time. It can remind users of all saved recipes.

Shop: After selecting a recipe, shoppers have the option to buy all the ingredients online via a link that directs users to a multi-search page on the default e-tailer REWE. Naturally, Maggi and other Nestlé brands are the preselected options presented in these recipes, pushing Nestlé brands to the top of consumers’ minds. 

Keep in Touch: Maggi keeps users engaged on a regular basis by allowing them to opt in to receive daily or weekly recipe ideas through Facebook Messenger.

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