Daily Insights

Tension, Insured

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Jul 09, 2019

According to the Gartner Consumer Community, only 12% of consumers do not want personalized communications from brands. Additionally, 41% of respondents feel that the information they search for online reflects who they are as individuals.

When looking at the brands profiled in the second annual Digital IQ Index: Insurance, all offer some level of service across many aspects of the digital spectrum. However, despite these efforts and prospects’ willingness to provide data, insurance providers keep their digital distance. For example, in the past six years, people looking to purchase life insurance online doubled. Yet only 38% of tracked brands allow users to enroll online after filling out a Request-a-Quote process, and 28% do not even offer next steps. Additionally, nearly half of all site traffic is driven to the homepage, but only 46% of brands have a call-to-action in their primary navigation.

This mismatch crystalizes the tension between current insurance carriers and potential prospects—certain customer needs remain unmet in the insurance space, and it is brands’ responsibility to step in and fill the void.

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