Daily Insights

The Appeal of Augmented Art

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 22, 2021

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) teams up with Verizon to offer virtual tours of its most popular attractions. The partnership paints a modern art experience for creative enthusiasts while the Coronavirus pandemic prevents many in-person visits. 

The Met Unframed is a new virtual art adventure that uses augmented reality to bring paintings from the museum into smartphone user’s homes. The innovative experience merge’s The Met’s classic works with modern technology in a bid to appeal to culture-starved consumers during the Coronavirus pandemic. The experience can be accessed via The Met Unframed’s microsite, which includes a scannable QR code to access the AR features via smartphone camera. Once opened, viewers can peruse 50 works of art from artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, and Margareta Haverman. The experience is powered by Verizon and could keep the carrier top of mind with potential consumers. 

The Met Unframed represents the latest brick and mortar-turned virtual reality experience to come about during the Coronavirus pandemic. The increased demand for mobile entertainment could lead The Met to make its Unframed adventure a permanent fixture in its museum offerings. Despite the new standard of social distancing, the Met’s technological transformation could actually appeal to many consumers who may not have had a way to explore its exhibits in-person, thereby growing it’s global audience. Additionally, the engaging campaign could help the museum build up its digital presence and set the stage for future collaborations with Verizon or other native tech titans. To build awareness around its at-home art entertainment, The Met turned to Instagram, where it posted a series of video clips giving viewers a glimpse at the virtual experience. Using a social media platform known for its images and videos could help The Met maximize usage and drive consumer engagement, according to a Gartner report. The virtual promotions could also build excitement around the art show and drive more users to its social channels and digital website. 

The Met’s digitally designed galleries bring culture and entertainment to consumers wherever they may be. In addition to bringing classic art to consumers through modern means, the virtual experience could help boost the museum’s image as a contemporary, tech-savvy brand.