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The CIA’s Marketing Mission

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 15, 2021

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) unveils a complete rebrand as part of its mission to recruit millennial and Gen Z employees. 

The CIA kicks off the new year with a new website and logo revealed, fittingly, via social media with the tagline “We are the nation’s first line of defense”. The modern makeover includes a new look to its job sourcing site, which the agency hopes can be used to attract a more diverse pool of applicants and potentially shed its “white, Ivy League” reputation. The agency’s redesigned logo also features modernistic, wavy lines as the backdrop circled by the words “Central Intelligence Agency”. The overall redesign makes obvious the CIA’s desire to appeal to younger candidates, which led to a mixed reaction amongst social media users. While many welcomed the agency’s appeal to young, tech savvy workers, others condemned such a storied organization for making such a blatant attempt at being “trendy”. Either way, the rebrand could boost awareness for the CIA’s new mission, according to a Gartner report, and help it engage a new audience of potential employees. 

While many of the online reactions may not have been what the CIA intended when unveiling its redesign, the reaction did get the company trending on Twitter. Within a day of the CIA’s renovation reveal, hundreds of thousands of users have mentioned or replied to the brand’s new logo and website. The conversation was further spurred by the CIA’s own campaign hashtag, #DiscoverCIA, which was utilized in tweets discussing the new look. The rapid rise in conversation around the agency could help it stay top of mind with Twitter users as well as extend its reach to other platforms. With many users relying on Twitter’s “What’s Trending” section to keep up to date, seeing the CIA mentioned there could further build awareness for its cause and help it grow a loyal social following. 

The CIA’s joint digital and social media initiative could help reach younger audiences and boost its image as an innovative and modern agency. While many mocked the rebrand for being too modern or “non-governmental”, the rebrand could resonate with the right audiences and help the CIA mark the campaign as “mission complete”.