Daily Insights

Clean vs. Vegan

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Jun 20, 2019

Interest in clean and vegan beauty continues to grow, with Google searches for vegan beauty in the U.K. doubling every year since 2012. Although searches for clean beauty slowed in 2018, searches for vegan beauty continue on an upward trajectory. From a digital perspective, however, brands are still ill-equipped to capitalize on these trends.

On key vegan search terms such as “vegan makeup” and “vegan cosmetics,” retailers and specialist beauty magazines dominate, garnering twice the organic visibility of studied brands. The Body Shop is the only brand in Gartner L2’s report on the topic that matches product development with digital investment, placing the brand in a prime position to capitalize on organic and paid Google search. Both its dedicated vegan category page and vegan-related content support the brand’s organic visibility and rank. As a result, The Body Shop has risen to consistently appear organically among the top three results. The brand was also among the first to invest in vegan-related text ads in June 2018, followed by Tarte Cosmetics and Lookfantastic in early 2019. Tarte Cosmetics employs the same strategy in the U.S., contributing its high visibility on Google search.

As vegan-related search continues to increase, brands should ensure their sites are optimized with relevant content to capitalize on this trend. Some studied brands in the U.K. have invested in site features to clearly point out their vegan and organic products. This is seen to a lesser degree in France, where the trend is nascent. BareMinerals in the U.K. launched a clean beauty site section in mid-2018 and links to it from the primary navigation. Page views have since multiplied by over five times, accounting for 5% of the site’s total views. The vegan site sections enable customers to shop without having to check ingredients for vegan credentials on individual product pages. As product assortments grow, these signposts help customers navigate websites with ease and find their desired product.