Daily Insights

The Cookie and the Kicks

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 17, 2021

Chip’s Ahoy takes a bite of sneakerhead culture with a new sweepstakes.

The cookie company’s new contest asks budding shoe makers to take a crack at designing its mascot Chip’s kicks. It paired up with sneaker sage, Dominic “The Shoe Surgeon” Ciombrone to bring the winning design to life to be given away as the first prize of the sweepstakes. Other prizes include a scholarship to the Shoe Surgeon Shoe School, Ciambrone’s design school, and a year’s worth of Chip’s Ahoy. The cookie maker has committed $100,000 to the nonprofit group, along with also donating $5 to arts programs in Boys & Girls Clubs of America for every vote received in the sweepstakes.

The cookies-and-kicks collaboration serves a sweet reminder that partnerships are evolving, and at the same time, that placing two unlikely brand names next to each other represents the bare minimum of digital marketing promotion. That said, it makes sense that Chips Ahoy would link up with a more established name in the sneaker business and also put its money where its mouth is in the form of monetary commitments. Results from successful partnerships can manifest in many different ways, from driving sales to increasing social buzz and referral traffic, as observed in Gartner’s insight report on the topic.

Additionally, because sweepstakes entrants must offer up their email addresses to partake, Chips Ahoy  has the opportunity to collect data first-hand, a tactic that the company has been testing for some time. But Chip isn’t the first mascot to receive a makeover recently. Brands including Planters and Kool-Aid have been apt on adding a little mystique to their mascots as well. Finally, the mashup makes a play for mental health and the healing powers of creativity that many consumers have been missing during the pandemic.

While nostalgia has become a full-fledged trend, it’s important for brands to keep their image, both inside and out, fresh if they want to avoid crumbling in the future.