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The Cookie Marketing Monster

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 05, 2021

Cookie king Oreo and pop queen Lady Gaga have joined forces to whip up what might be one of the most superfan-targeted treats on the market.

First announced in December, Oreo’s special-edition Lady Gaga-inspired cookies feature hot pink golden wafers and a kelly-green creme filling that reflects Gaga’s latest album, “Chromatica”. To celebrate and promote the sassy snacks, Oreo and Lady Gaga hosted a 24-hour scavenger hunt on Twitter where 50 fans could score an autographed pink pack of cookies, as influencers of varyious followings including Melissa Alatorre and Zach Campbell push the six-cookie packs on Instagram. Each clue was inspired by the pop star’s Chromatica album and lead fans to various other Twitter accounts containing corresponding cookie clues where they had to reply to each tweet with #ChromaticaCookieHunt, #sweepstakes and tag @Oreo. Oreo has also opened up its “Oreogram” sweepstakes competition around the Lady Gaga goodies, where people can send musical messages by scanning a QR code on an Oreo package and win a meet and greet with Gaga among other prizes.

Indeed, every detail of the campaign appears to be extremely well considered, except perhaps, the flavor (vanilla), which is a tad less funky than the cookie’s appearance. Still, the mash-up is a pop-culture match baked in heaven. In addition to being one of the nation’s most loved cookies of over 100 years old, Oreo boasts a sweet 3.1 million followers on Instagram. Lady Gaga, though decidedly younger, wows with 46.1 million fans, or “Little Monsters”, as they’re called, on the platform.

Given that Oreo slipped from Average to Challenged class in Gartner’s Digital IQ Index: Food & Beverages, it’s possible the company felt the pull of something greater when it turned to Lady Gaga to add some life to the look of its brand. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Both nostalgia and Lady Gaga have been top of mind with consumers as the pandemic tempts snackers to call upon old favorites and Innauguration called upon Lady Gaga to belt out the national anthem this year. Calling upon influencers of wide-ranging followings was also a smooth move for Oreo, as using a comprehensive selection of ambassadors as opposed to sticking to mega-influencers only brings better results, according to Gartner’s intelligence report on the topic.

Whether the relatively plain flavor will make these cookies a pass for fans is yet to be seen. Some tasters have expressed disappointment in it, while others said the “gay energy they emanate” is enough to make the purchase. Or perhaps the donation to the Born This Way foundation with every cookie pack bought will seal the deal for snackers. In the case of Oreo cookies, it’s not that the outside is all that counts—it might just be that the inside can never be bad and if it isn’t broken, why crumble it>