Daily Insights

The Digital Dollar General

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 14, 2019

Dollar General, the budget-friendly big box store, is broadening it’s digital strategy. Customers can now go on the Dollar General app and choose items to pick up in store. 

The “click and collect” method could help time-conscious consumers. The app will also let shoppers see which products are available at their local store and how much purchases will cost there. Including these features on the Dollar General app could benefit the company by helping it save on delivery fees while also driving in-store sales according to a Gartner L2 report. Maintaining a modern, extensive app is great for Dollar General customers, 45% of whom already use digital tools from the store when making a purchase.

Expanding into the digital world is the easiest way for Dollar General to get in touch with a younger demographic. The digitally savvy, youthful consumers are not in the company’s typical consumer age range of 35-55, but they are the group most likely to use an app for shopping.

With 16,000 brick and mortar stores around, Dollar General’s increase in digital accessibility will help them reach even more consumers.