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The Dropp of a New Fashion Platform

By: Mackenzie Baker | Apr 07, 2020

A new platform is launching that lets audiences buy products on demand from live and pre-recorded music videos. 

DroppTV, which launches April 26th, is a new e-commerce platform dedicated to selling products at the click of a button using AI smart-video technology. The platform is a departure from traditional advertising and e-commerce methods, focusing instead on a new wave of interactive entertainment. Users can watch the music videos on Instagram or the Dropp.tv site—if a viewer likes an item, they can click on it and purchase the piece on the spot without leaving the video. Using artificial intelligence, products are automatically tagged in videos in real-time, turning live videos into virtual pop-up shops. 

For its first rollout, DroppTV has partnered with six up-and-coming artists who are also promoting brand lines—which is what fans will be able to buy on the platform. Artists including Ashanti and Chow Lee will use DroppTV to promote their new music as well as limited-edition merchandise. While many of the products are highly sought after in the market—such as “Travis Scott sneakers” featured in a Chow Lee video that retail for $300 but are currently for sale for $1,000 on StockX—DroppTV promises to sell the items close to original box prices. DroppTV is targeted primarily at younger consumers, with CEO Gurps Rai noting his target market is 16-22 year olds. Emerging social platforms tend to appeal most to Gen-Z shoppers, according to a Gartner report, so it makes sense that DroppTV would work exclusively with artists whose fanbase encompasses those consumers. 

DroppTV is monetizing music videos in a move that could modernize e-commerce shopping for the next generation. By selling merchandise through videos, the platform gives artists another outlet to generate revenue and gives fans a new way to support artists.